Your Generosity – Planned Giving

Ways that you may support our parishes financially

The Collection

The collection is an integral part of our Sunday Liturgy. It is the primary means by which our Parishes receive financial support. It is also an expression of our gratitude to God for the blessings He bestows on us, to return a portion of them back to Him for use by His Church.

Standing Orders

This is the preferred way to make a regular contribution. You can set up a monthly standing order to pay from your bank account. The parish gets the money immediately without the inconvenience of having to count, bag and bank loose money.

Gift Aid.  If you gift aid your contributions the parishes will be able to reclaim 25% from the Inland Revenue, the amount of income tax you paid on your contribution. You will need to fill out a gift aid form and return it. It will need to be returned to the parish giving organiser so that a gift aid number can be generated. Once a standing order is set up you be able to adjust the amount from your bank account online.

Please could gift-aiders notify us if their personal circumstances or name / address details have changed.

Weekly Offertory Envelopes are available at St Augustine’s only

You get to choose your amount each week and make the payment inside a sealed envelope. You may gift aid your contributions. Please approach your giving organiser if you would like to pay by envelope.

Loose Money

Loose cash in the collection cannot be included in the Gift Aid scheme. The parishes lose the substantial benefit that the scheme gives.

The Parish Giving Organisers

To obtain boxes of offertory envelopes, standing order forms or information about any of the giving options, please contact the giving organisers in our parishes, Richard at St. Augustines, or Marisa at English Martyrs. Spare standing order forms are also available in the foyers of our churches.

Online Donation ( Dona )

On the MyDona website you can donate online anytime, any amount and make a gift aid declaration.  [ Dona Online ]

Electronic Plate.  Online Dona payments may also be made using the mobile tablet screen in the church foyers at Sunday masses. Payments can be made contactless with a debit card.

A Legacy in your Will

By leaving a gift to the church in your will, you will make an important long-term contribution to the work of our parishes. Your gift will be free of inheritance tax.

200 Club

The 200 club is a fundraising initiative to give money to our parishes. It gives members the opportunity to win a cash prize. 50% of the income is given out as prize money and 50% goes to the parishes. If you would like to join the club contact Claire at St. Augustines or Ann and Tim at English Martyrs.