The Church of the English Martyrs is situated at 247 Tuffley Lane, Gloucester (GL4 0NX). The complex is visible from Cole Avenue, it is well signed from the dual carriageway and there are excellent parking facilities in the extensive grounds which are lovingly tended by team of parishioners. The church, itself, is modern, built during the mid 1980s, and includes a small meeting room and a parish office.

The worship area has changed over the years. It was intended as a hall where Mass would be celebrated on Sunday. However, with the extensive development of the City of Gloucester to the south it was decided to create a parish and Joe O’Brien became first parish priest. He transformed the hall into a parish church and this was eventually dedicated by Bishop Mervyn Alexander.  In recent years the church has been extensively re-ordered to enable worshippers to gather around the altar.

Mass is celebrated on Sunday mornings at 9.00am and the church is normally packed with young families together with those who have been part of this community for far longer. There is an active music group and new parishioners are encouraged to become involved with music , serving and other ministeries. Even the very young are given musical instruments on the one Sunday in the month when we have ‘Mass with the Children of the parish’ and on these Sundays they do not gather in the parish room for their own Liturgy of the Word. Children’s Liturgy is an established feature of life at English Martyrs and there is a good team of leaders. The church is warm and the congregation is friendly.

After Mass there are always refreshments in the parish room and there is generally a good programme of social events to help build up community life. We also have regular Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament and Mass is normally celebrated at 10.00am on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. However, it is always wise to check the latest newsletter so as to confirm these times.

Marisa Wood is the parish administrator and she is available to answer you enquiries when the office is open. We are in the process of extending our Parish meeting room which should be completed by November 2014 and already the congregation has raised a considerable sum of money towards this project.

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English Martyrs, Tuffley